Holiday Menu

Available November 25th through Dec 24th for special orders

cupcake-mini-xtra Dolce de Leche

Bittersweet chocolate cake filled with homemade silky milk caramel, topped with dulce de leche creme frosting and drizzled with caramel

cupcake-mini-xtra Red Velvet Candy Cane

Red velvet and white peppermint cake swirled together beneath a dollop of minty vanilla buttercream and crushed candy canes

cupcake-mini-xtra Gingerbread

Traditional homemade gingerbread cake filled and topped with classic vanilla bean cream and a gingerbread cookie on top

cupcake-mini-xtra Champagne

Light and airy champagne cake filled and frosted with champagne buttercream, topped with white buttercream roses

cupcake-mini-xtra Wedding Bells

Almond cake filled with homemade sweet almond pudding and vanilla bean buttercream frosting, topped with almond slivers

cupcake-mini-xtra Tuxedo

Black  and white marble cake filled with chocolate buttercream, dipped in white chocolate ganache with a a dark chocolate drizzel